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ZeroHybrid Network
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ZeroHybrid Network
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    Trusted Computing Resources
    Smart contracts are executed in the TEE, consuming privacy computing power resources and taking up miners' equipment running time. Unlike traditional blockchains Zero-Hybrid smart contracts do not rely on consensus algorithms for their execution. Therefore, each contract runs in only one TEE, allowing contracts to be executed in parallel across the network.
  • 02
    On-chain computing
    A transaction is packaged by block TEE and synchronized to the whole network, which occupies the on-chain data space of Zero-Hybrid, the process needs to consume on-chain computing resources, and the larger the amount of data generated by the operation, the more on-chain computing resources are consumed. We refer to the resource design of POA and other project networks, and the rate cost is very low.
  • 03
    Storage Resources
    The Zero-Hybrid network goal is designed for large-scale, long-tailed joint computation in the encrypted state of data, encouraging as much as possible the uploading and calling of others' data for encryption and intra-TEE decryption computation under the Zero-Hybrid protocol.
  • 2021
    Complete Zero Hybrid Whitepaper
    Data Annotation & Business Landing
    Platform Backend
    Tokenomic Design
    First Demo of Miner on Mobile
  • 2021
    Implement blockchain
    Launch the first testnet - Ver 1.0
    Smart Contract Development
  • 2022
    The first version of the decentralized task distribution system
    Implement UserNode for end-users
    Launch Bounty Program
    Launch Ambassador Program
    Launch the second testnet - Ver 2.0
  • 2022
    The first version of the billing system with smart contract
    Improve POCU
    Explorer project partnerships
    Rework to introduce staking schema
    Launch the third testnet - Ver 3.0
  • 2022
    Launch the fourth testnet - Ver 4.0
    The first compute task market
    Launch Open Grant for Zero-Hybrid
    Community and Developer Events
  • 2022
    Launch the fifth testnet - Ver 5.0
    Launch mainnet
    Launch the development of DataEx