Zero-Hybrid Network

Infrastructure for the future digital world

The Zero-Hybrid Network is a blockchain-based distributed trusted computing network that will become the infrastructure of the future digital world. Most of the current computation on the Internet is untrustworthy because the current network is still in the Web 2.0 era where everything is a centralized model and there is no policy or model to ensure the correct execution of the computation process.

Zero-Hybrid Network
    Smart contracts are executed in the TEE, consuming privacy computing power resources and taking up miners' equipment running time. Unlike traditional blockchains Zero-Hybrid smart contracts do not rely on consensus algorithms for their execution. Therefore, each contract runs in only one TEE, allowing contracts to be executed in parallel across the network.
  • On-chain computing
    A transaction is packaged by block TEE and synchronized to the whole network, which occupies the on-chain data space of Zero-Hybrid, the process needs to consume on-chain computing resources, and the larger the amount of data generated by the operation, the more on-chain computing resources are consumed. We refer to the resource design of POA and other project networks, and the rate cost is very low.
  • Storage Resources
    The Zero-Hybrid network goal is designed for large-scale, long-tailed joint computation in the encrypted state of data, encouraging as much as possible the uploading and calling of others' data for encryption and intra-TEE decryption computation under the Zero-Hybrid protocol.
Zero-Hybrid Network
Product Service Features
  • TEE Blockchain Fusion Framework
    Trusted computing network based on universal hardware and blockchain
  • HYBRID Blockchain Network
    A mix of mobile, desktop, server, and professional miners
  • Cross-chain interaction, easy to expand
    Develop blockchain with SUBSTRATE based on
    polka ecology
  • Low threshold for realization
    Requires a mobile device with TEE for mining
Zero-Hybrid Network
Service Overview
(ZHT) Total Supply
1,000,000,000 ZHT
ZeroHybrid (ZHT) Total Supply
1,000,000,000 ZHT
  • 52%
    ZHT Miner
    Mining by mining in the form of a linearly decreasing number of blocks.
  • 20%
    ZHT Eco-Build
    LPO: 5%, Market Operations: 5%, Eco Bonus: 7%, Airdrop: 3%
  • 20%
    Through Pbulic Placement\Private Placement
  • 5%
    Project team
    Unlocked Every Six Months
  • 3%
    project consultant
    25% Unlocked Before Going Online